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Authorized Installer Photo Gallery - Addison Auto Interiors
John Allen was restoring his 1946 Ford Convertible Sportsman. John used Vintage Motor Group in Illinois to restore the chassis, body and top bows of his vehicle. One of our Authorized Installers, Addison Auto Interiors also in Illinois was in charge of installing the interior upholstery and top. After consulting with our Sales Team on July 26th 2013, Addison Auto Interior ordered LeBaron Bonney's restoration kits for a new door panels, driver and rear seat upholstery in leather, a rear carpet, a trunk panel set & mat, a top well cover and the materials to make the convertible top! Although John was not able to bring his vehicle to us, he was still able to restore his vehicle with our quality restoration products! Vintage Motor Group & Addison Auto Interiors did an outstanding job and gave us permission to share Mr. Allen's restored vehicle with you!  
Addison Auto Interiors
17 Fullerton Ave
Addison, IL 60101
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  • Driver’s Seat Upholstery
    Driver’s Seat Upholstery
  • Driver Side Door Panel
    Driver Side Door Panel
  • Top Kit Black Exterior
    Top Kit Black Exterior
  • Rear Seat Upholstery
    Rear Seat Upholstery
  • Top Kit Tan Interior
    Top Kit Tan Interior
  • Trunk Mat
    Trunk Mat
  • Trunk Panels
    Trunk Panels


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Photo - LeBaron Bonney Company
Photo - LeBaron Bonney Company
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