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Adirondack A's Model A Ford Club Youth Program's Restoration Project:
LeBaron Bonney Company is much honored to have donated the Upholstery & Top Kits.

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LeBaron Bonney                           February 10, 2017
Attn: Scott Holbrook
6 Chestnut Street
Amesbury, MA 01913
The Adirondack A's Youth Program would like to thank you for your generous donation of upholstery and top kits for our 1931 Model A Roadster Youth Program. I've enclosed a framed picture of Youth Program Roadster with some of the team members, before and after pictures of the youth program Roadster and the youth and mentor team picture.
The Adirondack A's has a continuing Youth Model A Ford Restoration program. Our club members mentor young people during the restoration of Model A Fords. This is a hands on program where the young people do every phase of a car restoration from rebuilding of the engine, transmission, differential, brakes, steering & body work.
The first restoration was a 1930 Model A Ford Huckster restored by 13 young people, one girl and 12 boys in 2009/10.
The second restoration was a 1929 Model A Ford Speedster, 9 boys were in that program in 2011/12.
The third program was the restoration of a 1929 Model A Ford, AA Truck, 15 were in this program, 3 girls and 12 boys in 2013/14.
Our last program, 2015/16 was a 1931 Model A Roadster, we had 14 young people in this program, 2 girls and 10 boys, plus 2 boys that are in college and came when they could.
We work at the Jack Byrne Ford dealership in Mechanicville, NY every other Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Jack Byrne does not work in his service bay on Saturdays, he lets our youth program have the run of the whole shop, plus he gives us one stall to keep our project in. On work Saturdays, we break up into teams and spread out in the shop, at the end of the day we put everything back into our shop stall. Jack Byrne has been very generous with our youth program through the years.
The following are links to web site about the Adirondack A's Youth Program:
Hemmings article Jan 29, 2016: Click Here!
Bill Schroeder, from Capital Car Shows, 1931 Roadster Youth Program: Click Here!
Marvin Livingston,
President of the Adirondack A's Model A Ford Club

How can we help with your
restoration project?
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About the 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster:

A Dashing New Ford Roadster

The word deluxe is a fitting description of the beautiful new Ford Deluxe Roadster. In line, colors and appointments it reflects the latest mode in a dashing sports car.

The swagger top has natural wood bows and can be raised or lowered easily and quickly. The wide seat is upholstered in genuine Bedouin grain leather with narrow pipping. The new sloping windshield folds flat and is made of Triplex shatter-proof glass, as are the windshield wings. A comfortable rumble seat is provided as standard equipment. Many exterior metal parts are made of bright, gleaming Rustless Steel. Fender-well is furnished at slight additional cost.

The new Ford Deluxe Roadster is available in a variety of colors, with an additional harmonizing color for the steel-spoke wheels. You may purchase it on economical terms through the Authorized Ford Finance plans of the Universal Company.

Looking for an Upholstery and/or Top Kit for your 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster?
LeBaron Bonney Restoration Kits include everything you need for installation. Complete Interior Kit for this car includes:
Numbers on the illustration refer to the sections listed below. Installation instructions are supplied.
1. Panel Set: Includes door panels, cowl panels with pockets, and check straps with plates. Upholstered panels are made with water resistant panel board. Door panels are padded and stitched, cowls have pockets with flaps and fasteners.
2. Driver Cushion Upholstery: Stitched seat and backrest covers, burlap, padding, insulating pads, tacks, hog rings and pliers. Plus shoulder pads, windlace, welting, and trim for backrest, package tray, and belt rail. Note: This kit is also available upholstered onto new springs.
3. Rumble Panel Set: Three replacement panels covered in vinyl, with fasteners.
4. Rumble Cushion Upholstery: Everything needed to recover your old springs. Wood frames are not required. Note: This kit is also available upholstered onto new springs.
Front Carpet: Brown square weave as original, bound, with heel pad for driver. See our Catalog for carpet fasteners.
Top Kit: Cut and stitched to fit the original frame assembly. Main top deck, top pads, rear curtain, rear quarters, windshield windbreaker, rear valance, straps with fasteners, bow covering, tack rail fasteners, welting trim, tips, tacks, and all top fasteners installed. Window and fastener parts which affix to windshield are not included.
Top Boot: Snug fitting cover for the folded top. All fasteners for boot and car body are included.
How can we help with your 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster restoration project?
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