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EZ Boy Interiors – The Turn-Key Custom Interior Kit of Your Dreams

  Need a great looking, high quality custom interior kit for your street rod, muscle car, truck or import that’s ready to install and isn’t expensive? Or maybe an interior that approximates the factory look while bypassing the cost of a factory original restoration interior? Then check out our EZ Boy Interiors division. We design the interior of your dreams and deliver it to you as a complete and ready to install kit. EZ Boy Interiors offer a lower cost alternative for dressing up, and/or protecting the interior of enthusiast vehicles and daily drivers. Each interior is custom made to order from original seat patterns for a great fit. Over 6,000 patterns are available for 1928-2014 cars and trucks, and we offer over 1200 material options. Everything is produced here in the good ‘ole USA. Here is what EZ Boy offers: Deluxe Seat Covers – Choose flat, heat sealed channel-quilted.. Read More

Upholstering the Trunk of a ’32 Ford Highboy

The EZ Way To Do Upholstery Written by Carroll Hamilton Now You See it Now You Don’t A few years back we upholstered our ’32 Ford highboy using an EZ Boy upholstery kit by LeBaron Bonney. Since it was a driver we never bothered to upholster the trunk. The idea was we could just throw our tools, chairs, and spare tire in the trunk and not worry about tearing up the upholstery. Recently we updated the car with new paint, chrome wheels, and wide whites. Since the EZ Boy interior was still in great shape, we only replaced the carpet. However, tiring of everyone looking in the trunk when we opened it only to see a stack of “stuff”, we decided to upholster the trunk as part of the overhaul. The key issue was where to go with all of the stuff. After some thought, and a few sketches, a.. Read More