Bedford Cord is one of the most popular fabrics here at LeBaron Bonney. The fabric’s namesake is Bedford England, where the fabric was first produced. Bedford Cord looks much like corduroy – but has softer lengthwise ridges rather than the well-defined wales of corduroy. In other words there aren’t spaces between the wales like traditional corduroy.    The fabric is strong and long lasting, and due to its rigid construction is frequently used for upholstery, or clothing that doesn’t necessitate draping. Pants made of Bedford Cord are often referred to as “Bedford Cords”. As they were durable, economical, and attractive wool Bedford Cords were often used for automotive upholstery from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. LeBaron Bonney makes available fine wool Bedford Cords that are the same original type used in most cars during this period. Two rib types from narrow to wide are offered in a variety of colors… Read More