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The LeBaron Bonney Design Service – Simplifies a Difficult Situation!

So you are restoring your car or truck? You probably have great expectations about the quality of the completed restoration, as well as concerns about the hassle and stress of the restoration procedure. Some things will be easy, and some things will be hard. Take your interior for example. You might find a readily available restoration correct interior kit; that was easy. However, you may find no kit is available, original materials are nowhere to be found, and that the cost for an upholstery shop to reproduce your interior is outside your comfort zone; that’s hard. Discouraged you think “Now what do I do?” No worries, the LeBaron Bonney Design Service has you covered. A little background on the Design Service: Since 1960, LeBaron Bonney has created new interior kits by using patterns we make from original vehicle interiors, and sourcing correct original type fabrics. We developed a very high.. Read More

1967 and 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Restoration Door Panels and Seat Upholstery Now Available

Our Hampton Coach division is at it again! Now we offer restoration seat upholstery and door panels for the 1967 and the 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Four Door models. Hand crafted in our Amesbury, MA shop using original patterns and original type fabrics, these interior kits will help make your Caprice look factory new. For more information about Hampton Coach Caprice Interior Kits go to: https://www.lebaronbonney.com/lb-interior-kits-new.php    

New Lincoln-Zephyr Interior Kit Releases!

Only LeBaron Bonney can bring you the best Lincoln-Zephyr restoration interiors! We began fifty six years ago as a Ford expert, and staying true to our roots we have also developed premium restoration interior kits for sister divisions Lincoln and Mercury. We are proud to announce the addition of eight high-quality interior options to finish your 1937 to 1942 Lincoln-Zephyr restoration! Stay stock or choose something custom. Either way, we have what you need to get your Lincoln Zephyr looking new. The Lincoln-Zephyr is a marque that was used for the lower-priced mid-sized luxury cars in the Lincoln line from 1936 until 1942. Lincoln-Zephyr and Mercury, Introduced in 1939, bridged the wide gap between Ford’s V8 Deluxe line and the exclusive Lincoln K-series cars. This served a purpose similar to Cadillac’s smaller LaSalle “companion car”, the Chrysler Airstream, and Packard’s smallest offering, the Packard 120. Conceived by Edsel Ford, the.. Read More

EZ Boy Interiors – The Turn-Key Custom Interior Kit of Your Dreams

  Need a great looking, high quality custom interior kit for your street rod, muscle car, truck or import that’s ready to install and isn’t expensive? Or maybe an interior that approximates the factory look while bypassing the cost of a factory original restoration interior? Then check out our EZ Boy Interiors division. We design the interior of your dreams and deliver it to you as a complete and ready to install kit. EZ Boy Interiors offer a lower cost alternative for dressing up, and/or protecting the interior of enthusiast vehicles and daily drivers. Each interior is custom made to order from original seat patterns for a great fit. Over 6,000 patterns are available for 1928-2014 cars and trucks, and we offer over 1200 material options. Everything is produced here in the good ‘ole USA. Here is what EZ Boy offers: Deluxe Seat Covers – Choose flat, heat sealed channel-quilted.. Read More

1965 Rambler Marlin Interiors Now Available!

LeBaron Bonney specializes in providing award winning interiors for popular classic vehicles, as well as those which are less common. For example, the 1965 AMC Rambler Marlin. We are proud to announce the addition of high-quality interior kits for this vehicle. Stay stock or choose something custom. Either way, we have what’s needed to get a Marlin interior looking new! The Marlin is a two-door fastback produced in the United States by American Motors Corporation from 1965 to 1967 and was marketed as a personal luxury car. In 1965, the car was marketed as “Rambler Marlin”, but in 1966, the car featured “Marlin” identification only, named “AMC Marlin”. Both the 1965 and 1966 model year production Marlins were fastback versions of the mid-sized two-door hardtop Rambler Classic and in 1967, the car was given a new, longer AMC Ambassador full-size chassis. This new version had a longer hood, more interior.. Read More

Marquart’s Custom Creations has Been Installing LeBaron Bonney Interiors for Over 27 Years!

Marquart’s Custom Creations, of Fort Wayne, Indiana has been a long time installer of LeBaron Bonney Company products. Owner Marcus Marquart spent time with us discussing his business and experience with LeBaron Bonney. Q: How long have you been in business? A: I opened in 1989, so I’ve been in business for 27 years Q: What services does your shop offer? A: It’s easier to say what we don’t do! If it has a pad or a cover we have done it, or will do it soon. Q: What is your specialty? A: It’s two-fold. We do classic car and boat restoration as far as interiors and tops. We also specialize in street rods. I enjoy matching the interior to the tone of the car or boat. In some cases we reproduce the original interior, and often there isn’t much left of the interior to make a pattern from. We joke.. Read More

LeBaron Bonney & Hampton Coach Can Increase Vehicle Resale Value

LeBaron Bonney Company product quality, beauty, and original appearance can increase vehicle appeal and resale value. LeBaron Bonney is the call name for award winning restoration interiors. Ask a knowledgeable classic car enthusiast about LeBaron Bonney and Hampton Coach and they’ll often tell you they are the best of the best. We take pride in that, and appreciate that we can help enthusiasts achieve restoration results that truly please them. Vehicles that have a LeBaron Bonney Company interior, when put up for sale, often list it as a selling point. They know that our interiors increase vehicle appeal and resale value. To find a restoration interior for your vehicle please visit: https://www.lebaronbonney.com/cart/comp_kits.php

Fabric of the Week – Haartz Stayfast Canvas

Haartz Stayfast Canvas is a premium convertible topping offered by LeBaron Bonney. Haartz Corporation, producers of the material, was founded by German immigrant John Haartz in 1906 in Boston. Since the beginning the company has specialized in fabrics for automotive applications with particular focus on seats and tops. Early adopters of Haartz products included Packard, Auburn, Duesenberg and Cadillac. In current times Haartz supplies convertible top fabrics to domestic U.S. manufacturers, and also many European and Japanese automakers. While based in Acton, MA the company also has factories in Germany, China and India. Stayfast Canvas has been specified over many decades for OE applications. It is a fabric laminate consisting of a 100% acrylic square weave facing, a butyl rubber inner-layer, and cotton drill backing. Known for excellent wrinkle and U.V. resistance, Stayfast has superior weatherability, durability, and low temperature flexibility. LeBaron Bonney provides Stayfast Canvas in an assortment of colors, and.. Read More