Hatfield Restorations - LeBaron Bonney Company Authorized Installer

Located in Canton, TX, Hatfield Restorations is a LeBaron Bonney Authorized Installer with a twenty six year history installing our interiors. We spoke with Tony Chamberlain, an Assembly and Upholstery Specialist with the company, about Hatfield Restorations and their experience with LeBaron Bonney.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Twenty six years

Q: What services does your shop offer?
A: Complete automotive restoration services. We do all aspects of our business in house, except for re-chroming, which is sent out.

Q: What is your specialty?
A: Upholstery and woodworking.

Q: How did Hatfield get into this business?
A: Our owner, Gary Hatfield, had been involved with cars since he was a kid – racing and restoring them. He had been in construction and decided to open a garage on property he owned. He built that into Hatfield Restorations, a multi-million dollar company.

Q: What do you like most about your business?
A: Bringing old cars back to life. It’s something I’ve always loved, and I really enjoy seeing the finished product.

Q: How long have you been installing Lebaron Bonney?
A: Hatfield Restorations has been installing LeBaron Bonney interiors for twenty six years. Personally, I have been installing LeBaron Bonney for forty years.

Q: Why did Hatfield start using LB?
A: Because of product quality. Gary had installed a few before opening the shop and continued to use them. He found everything ordered was spot on (for fit and finish).

Q: Do you install interiors for certain types of vehicles that you see more than others?
A: We do a lot of Fords – Model A’s are most popular. Chevrolet and Buick are coming up, and lately we’ve been getting a lot of calls for 60’s and 70’s cars.

Q: Are there qualities of LB products that make them easier to install or provide better quality fit and finish?
A: The instructions are very self-explanatory. As well, the sewing and materials are very accurate to the original – so they fit the same way they did from the factory. That’s the nice thing about LeBaron Bonney – they have an excellent product – I never have any problems installing it.

Q: Was there a particular problem you were having that LB solved?
A: One time I had problem, and LeBaron Bonney said to simply send it back and they would send a replacement immediately. I just fixed it myself. The whole issue was taken care of in an hour. The customer service was prompt and excellent.

Q: How do LB kits compare to other interior kits?
A: In my 40 years of experience with LeBaron Bonney I have found they are a cut above. LeBaron Bonney fit is better, and I have never had to alter their product. With other manufacturer’s kits I’ve sometimes had to alter them three different times. Most companies don’t care as much as much as LeBaron Bonney. I have found that if we’re having an issue installing a LeBaron Bonney interior it’s most likely something we’re doing wrong.

Q: How has LB affected your company’s success?
A: Using LeBaron Bonney allows us to showcase their work, which compliments what we do. It’s a good marriage. We don’t have to wonder if the quality will meet our standards. We even recommend LeBaron Bonney to people who want to install their own interiors. Being an Authorized Dealer is also a benefit as LeBaron Bonney advertises for us. Not a lot of companies do that. We see LeBaron Bonney as partner, and not a competitor.

Q: Where do you see your company in 5 years?
A: We will continue to strive for excellence, and focus on one car at a time, one customer at a time. We want to pass the hobby onto a younger audience, and keep restoration alive.