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Care of Convertible Tops

Care of Convertible Tops With proper care, your convertible top can remain looking great, and its lifespan can be extended. There’s not much you can do to reverse damage once it’s already been done. The best course of action is to take care of it from the beginning. The following are suggested care techniques for keeping your convertible top in tip-top condition. Cloth Top Care Fabric top maintenance is essentially the same as vinyl top maintenance, except you want to select products formulated for fabric. Convertible top cleaners are usually suitable for either vinyl or fabric. Use a moderately stiff brush to loosen dirt from the fibers. It’s a marvel of modern science that fabric tops repel water as well as they do, but all good things must come to an end. Fabric tops are chemically treated during manufacturing to repel water and contamination, but these chemicals diminish as time.. Read More

Learn How to Use Wire on Welting

With over 56 years of experience, we know a lot about auto interior restoration From upholstery kits and tops to carpeting, fabrics, and tools and supplies, if you’re planning on restoring your car or truck we have all the essentials for you to achieve award winning results. How to Use Wire On Welting: Learn How LeBaron Bonney’s Master Technician Doug shows how to use wire on welting, and demonstrates expert techniques for achieving professional quality results. What you will need: Click on Button to View Component: Would you prefer to have your wire on welting professionally installed by a LeBaron Bonney Authorized Installation Expert?  

Care of Wool Blend Carpeting

Care and Maintenance: Wool Blend Carpeting Cut pile wool blend carpeting looks and feels great, and with proper care will last longer and continue to look great for years to come. Please note that the following information is specifically addressing carpets that are machine made with wool or wool-blend fibers. Some instructions don’t apply to carpets made with synthetic fibers and may not be appropriate. THE CARPET CARE PROGRAM: A comprehensive carpet care program consists of four elements: Preventive Maintenance Vacuuming Stain Removal Regular Cleaning Preventative Maintenance Avoidance is the best preventative maintenance – if you can avoid tracking soil and moisture onto carpeting. Another point to remember is that after cleaning your carpet, allow time for the carpet to completely dry before stepping on the carpet. Vacuuming The most important step in caring for your carpet is vacuuming. Vacuum thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high traffic areas. Bear in.. Read More