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Authorized Installer Hatfield Restorations Calls LB a Partner

Located in Canton, TX, Hatfield Restorations is a LeBaron Bonney Authorized Installer with a twenty six year history installing our interiors. We spoke with Tony Chamberlain, an Assembly and Upholstery Specialist with the company, about Hatfield Restorations and their experience with LeBaron Bonney. Q: How long have you been in business? A: Twenty six years Q: What services does your shop offer? A: Complete automotive restoration services. We do all aspects of our business in house, except for re-chroming, which is sent out. Q: What is your specialty? A: Upholstery and woodworking. Q: How did Hatfield get into this business? A: Our owner, Gary Hatfield, had been involved with cars since he was a kid – racing and restoring them. He had been in construction and decided to open a garage on property he owned. He built that into Hatfield Restorations, a multi-million dollar company. Q: What do you like most about.. Read More