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A Tribute to Houndstooth Fabric

ABOVE: A few examples of the Houndstooth Fabrics we offer Houndstooth fabric is a woven wool cloth that was created in Scotland in the 1800’s. The fabric is distinguished by a pattern of broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. Incidentally, versions of the fabric with small checks is known as Puppytooth. Houndstooth fabric was originally used to make outer garments worn by shepherds. Eventually, the fabric founds its way into high fashion in the late 1800’s, being used to make suits sold at high-end clothiers. As the 1900’s marched on, Houndstooth fabric became a status symbol for the wealthy and was used for clothing and accessories by such famous designers as Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Emporio Armani. Coming from humble roots, the fabric became a star. Auto designers took notice as well. In the late 1950’s-1960’s vinyl and non-wool materials featuring Houndstooth patterns gained prominence for use in.. Read More

Hampton Coach to Announce New Buick Restoration Interiors on Father’s Day

Are you doing a Buick restoration? These fine automobiles deserve the best restoration interiors, and Hampton Coach delivers. We have supplied Buick restoration interiors to enthusiasts and installers for decades, and we’re well respected for quality, fit, and accuracy we deliver. Hampton Coach has many Buick interior kits available, with components including seat upholstery, door and interior panels, carpeting, and headliners. We have recently developed many new Buick kits, and will be announcing year and model applications this Sunday. Be sure to visit the website then! In the meantime, you can check out our current patterns for Buicks and other makes at https://www.lebaronbonney.com/cart/comp_kits.php.

The LeBaron Bonney Design Service – Simplifies a Difficult Situation!

So you are restoring your car or truck? You probably have great expectations about the quality of the completed restoration, as well as concerns about the hassle and stress of the restoration procedure. Some things will be easy, and some things will be hard. Take your interior for example. You might find a readily available restoration correct interior kit; that was easy. However, you may find no kit is available, original materials are nowhere to be found, and that the cost for an upholstery shop to reproduce your interior is outside your comfort zone; that’s hard. Discouraged you think “Now what do I do?” No worries, the LeBaron Bonney Design Service has you covered. A little background on the Design Service: Since 1960, LeBaron Bonney has created new interior kits by using patterns we make from original vehicle interiors, and sourcing correct original type fabrics. We developed a very high.. Read More

1967 and 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Restoration Door Panels and Seat Upholstery Now Available

Our Hampton Coach division is at it again! Now we offer restoration seat upholstery and door panels for the 1967 and the 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Four Door models. Hand crafted in our Amesbury, MA shop using original patterns and original type fabrics, these interior kits will help make your Caprice look factory new. For more information about Hampton Coach Caprice Interior Kits go to: https://www.lebaronbonney.com/lb-interior-kits-new.php