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LeBaron Bonney & Hampton Coach Can Increase Vehicle Resale Value

LeBaron Bonney Company product quality, beauty, and original appearance can increase vehicle appeal and resale value. LeBaron Bonney is the call name for award winning restoration interiors. Ask a knowledgeable classic car enthusiast about LeBaron Bonney and Hampton Coach and they’ll often tell you they are the best of the best. We take pride in that, and appreciate that we can help enthusiasts achieve restoration results that truly please them. Vehicles that have a LeBaron Bonney Company interior, when put up for sale, often list it as a selling point. They know that our interiors increase vehicle appeal and resale value. To find a restoration interior for your vehicle please visit: https://www.lebaronbonney.com/cart/comp_kits.php

Fabric of the Week – Haartz Stayfast Canvas

Haartz Stayfast Canvas is a premium convertible topping offered by LeBaron Bonney. Haartz Corporation, producers of the material, was founded by German immigrant John Haartz in 1906 in Boston. Since the beginning the company has specialized in fabrics for automotive applications with particular focus on seats and tops. Early adopters of Haartz products included Packard, Auburn, Duesenberg and Cadillac. In current times Haartz supplies convertible top fabrics to domestic U.S. manufacturers, and also many European and Japanese automakers. While based in Acton, MA the company also has factories in Germany, China and India. Stayfast Canvas has been specified over many decades for OE applications. It is a fabric laminate consisting of a 100% acrylic square weave facing, a butyl rubber inner-layer, and cotton drill backing. Known for excellent wrinkle and U.V. resistance, Stayfast has superior weatherability, durability, and low temperature flexibility. LeBaron Bonney provides Stayfast Canvas in an assortment of colors, and.. Read More

Hampton Coach Interior Installation in a 1948 Chevrolet

Tony Zauhar is restoring his 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aero Sedan, and as part of the process is replacing the interior with our Hampton Coach Interiors kit. Tony was kind enough to spend time discussing the process. Q: How long has your interior been in installed? A: I’m actually in the process of installing a Hampton Coach Interior myself Q: What upholstery components are being installed? A: Basically, I’m doing the whole interior – seats, door panels, rear side panels, carpet and headliner Q: How did you hear about Hampton Coach? A: I had heard great things about Hampton Coach for years. Also, I had previously installed a LeBaron Bonney Interior in an older Ford I owned – and the outcome of that installation was excellent. Q: What was the main reason you purchased your interior? A: The original interior was very aged and needed to be replaced. I want to.. Read More