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“My car - when I was 20 I rebuilt a 1953 Ford flathead and put it in my 1950 Ford. Bored, cam, etc. Well, I have always wanted to build a '32 Roadster and put a flathead in it and I have finally accomplished that 47 years later!!! The flathead started at 239 cu in (100 HP) and ended at 276 cu in (approx 220 HP) after boring and adding a 4 in Scat crank, Isky 3/4 race cam, Edelbrock high compression heads, Offy 4 barrel intake with a Holley carb, etc. The paint is a special PPG blend applied by Powerhouse Hot Rods & Performance, Central Square, NY and it is a fantastic paint job and I love the color! They assisted in the final assembly in addition to the paint job and they do real quality work!!
The interior I put together using your pleated pieces and 3/16 in. paneling for backer. The seat is from a Chrysler minivan middle seat also covered with your pleated cover ordered to fit the seat. I first glued a number of layers of foam to the seat to fill in the lower sections of the original seat base so the cover would fit tight. Your instructions were great. I set the cover on my deck in the sun for approx 1/2 hour to worm it up, covered the seat back with a plastic garbage bag and rubbed on some baby powder and the cover slipped right on the back with no problem. I then removed the garbage bag and stabled the cover to the wood pieces I had bolted to the seat back frame as it was all metal and I needed some way to fasten the covers. I also attached wood strips to the bottom of the seat base to attach the bottom cover. I am pleased with the outcome and happy I was able to do the interior myself. It was something I was concerned about but would not have any problems doing it again!!
All in all, I'm proud of the car and plan to get a lot of enjoyment out of it in the coming summer months.”
Russ Lange

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