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1931 Ford Model A Sport Coupe   1931 FORD MODEL A ROADSTER
Restoration Story and Photo Gallery
  1931 Ford Model A Sport Coupe
“My Frank Sinatra Car — I Did It My Way”
How many people do you know who would start and complete an auto restoration project at age 90?

Meet Ken P.
His life story is interesting by any measure and has at least one common thread and that is his love for and involvement in old autos, especially the Ford Model A. Born and raised on a small farm in Iowa, Kenny lived through and survived the depression, weathered World War II and restored different cars... all his life. When about 20, as he recalls, he managed to save enough money thru working odd jobs cutting grass or shoveling snow... and bought his first car a 1929 Ford. “A nice little Model A roadster” as he remembers.

Later this had to be sold for fear the relief office would find out and stop his family's relief assistance. This was the depression and things were tight.

Through the years Kenny continued to restore different cars. He also would take extended tours in them with his friends including visits to Hot Springs Colorado, California and Louisville Kentucky. Years ago one such trip brought him to the LeBaron Bonney Company in Amesbury, Massachusetts where he met and was given a tour of their facilities by Lee Atherton then owner and founder of the Company. Kenny invited Lee to Iowa for a visit which was accepted and later came to pass.

While many of his restorations were done with competition in mind, his latest restoration, a 1931 Model A Roadster, reflects the Frank Sinatra mantra “I did it my way” as the song goes and Kenny followed. So if it looks like the tires aren't original along with a few other items... you're right. Kenny did it his way... and that's all right! He even had a plaque made with this slogan, which is on the opposite fender from the number plate. When people point out to him that this or that isn't original... he points to the plaque “I did it my way”. He calls this “my Frank Sinarta car”.

Ken relates “Also my son-in-law helped me with the complete car. The cars are far from a one man job, so he was there every night, with every little part. I knew where they went, he didn't, but it took two of us on all the things.” The project took under a year to finish.

Ken still attends auctions and parts sales, occasionally adding to his accumulation of spare auto parts and often helps others with their restoration projects.

He also had the following unsolicited comments to offer about Lebaron Bonney... “also I don't have to wonder if I am ordering from LeBaron Bonney if the merchandise is going to be good or not. I am completely satisfied with all the stuff... Thanks for the dealings with you!”
1931 Ford Model A Roadster
1931 Ford Model A Roadster
1931 Ford Model A Roadster

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How can we help with your restoration project?
CLICK HERE to let us know!

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